Fine Indian Cuisine with Goan Flair

The common denominator in all Indian cooking is the use of spices. Sometimes, just one spice to cook a simple vegetable dish or sometimes, up to fifteen to cook an elaborate meat dish.

The use of spices does not make a dish hot; the ‘heat’ in Indian food comes from the chillies.

The combinations are endless as is the variety of tastes. It is this carefully orchestrated use of spices, seasonings and flavours that gives our food its unique character.

The genuine and authentic dishes which are served here have been created with an exotic collection of spices and herbs, distinctively blended in the traditional way. Each dish has its own distinctive flavour and aroma.

Established in 1989, our menu is a culmination of years of experimentation. We hope you enjoy the food as much as we have enjoyed creating it.


The team at The Taste of India